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  1. We Are Not Running A Zoo: So Make Your Dog A Good Citizen

    Hi Glenn –

    Great article – you are so right – on every point! I especially loved: “If you have dogs in a large residential complex that houses many others dogs–and kids–and these dogs are hostile, poorly socialized, or a potential threat to others–THEY SHOULD NOT BE LIVING IN THE BUILDING AT ALL.” The exact same thing happened to Poochie and a nasty dog’s owner. Unfortunately this dog lives on our floor. She tried to kill Poochie the first time that it happened. She literally had her mouth around his neck and the owner did nothing. I finally had to kick the dog and I felt terrible but her not killing Poochie was my first priority. When it happened again in the lobby the owner, after yelling at me – like it was Poochie’s fault, she then tried to claim that Poochie bit her. Didn’t happen! Can you imagine someone trying to claim that Poochie bit them. I asked her to show me the bite marks and she refused. Wonder why…. Anyway, thanks for the honest article. Love Lucy! Can’t wait for the play date. xoxoxox

  2. Barnes & Noble Introduces KATIE (with a "live" canine bonus on the table!)

    How precious is this moment? Congratulations Glenn! Looking forward to next week’s reading.


    Helene and Poochie