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  1. Barnes & Noble Introduces KATIE (with a "live" canine bonus on the table!)

    I happened across this wonderful book by accident at Borders bookstore a few days ago. I could hardly put it down but at the same time I didn’t want to get to the end. I lost my best friend Deogi, a chocolate cocker spaniel last year. I miss him so much and cherish so many wonderful memories. I also live in a highrise building and my condo is at the end of a really long hallway. Deogi loved to race down that hallway with those floppy ears going every which way. He never met a stranger and every tennis ball on earth was put here for him. Like Katie I had to put him to sleep after suffering through a terminal illness. The depression I felt was unbearable. Reading this book has now given me the desire to try being a dog owner again. I know that Lucy will bring you the happiness you experienced with Katie. God bless!!!!