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  1. What To Do With A Puppy In Winter?

    I think Doggie Daycare is as important as a Child Daycare and we have an excellent one for Mr. H. Like Lucy he gets there and I am chopped liver:) He knows that I will be back and in the meantime he doesn’t want to miss any playtime with his friends. Their motto is a Tired Dog is a Good Dog.

  2. The Story Of Lucy

    It’s the hardest thing in the world to lose one of our kids with fur. And when we get another one we are not replacing them we are bringing in a new child with their own personality and quirks that will make us love them just as much as we loved our last beloved dog. They each have their own special place in our heart and our heart is big enough for more than just one. I can see in the pictures of Lucy that you have to love her and I truley believe that your beloved Katie took you to her for a reason. And you will see Katie in her sometimes telling you that she is still with you and that she is ok. Congratulations and let your new adventure begin:)