Barnes & Noble Introduces KATIE (with a “live” canine bonus on the table!)

Posted September 7th, 2010 in Barnes & Noble, Bookreading, Friendship by Glenn Plaskin

Today, when my new puppy Lucy and I visited Barnes & NobleTribeca–the site of my upcoming bookreading–I was so delighted to see KATIE UP AND DOWN THE HALL on the main new arrivals table.

Lucy was equally excited–so much so that she jumped up onto the table for a closer look at her worthy predecessor.

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  1. How precious is this moment? Congratulations Glenn! Looking forward to next week’s reading.


    Helene and Poochie

  2. Mary says:

    For some 25+ years I bred,raised,trained,and showed this delightful breed. They never stop amazing me with thier insight and clowning around. Truly a peoples dog. I am so pleased to see a talented author bring my beloved breed to the attention of the world.
    I want this book to be a great success, as it is priceless in experience.

  3. I happened across this wonderful book by accident at Borders bookstore a few days ago. I could hardly put it down but at the same time I didn’t want to get to the end. I lost my best friend Deogi, a chocolate cocker spaniel last year. I miss him so much and cherish so many wonderful memories. I also live in a highrise building and my condo is at the end of a really long hallway. Deogi loved to race down that hallway with those floppy ears going every which way. He never met a stranger and every tennis ball on earth was put here for him. Like Katie I had to put him to sleep after suffering through a terminal illness. The depression I felt was unbearable. Reading this book has now given me the desire to try being a dog owner again. I know that Lucy will bring you the happiness you experienced with Katie. God bless!!!!

  4. I enjoyed this book soo much, and I want to encourage everyone that loses a beloved dog not to wait too long to find a new doggie family member! I too lost my dear Cocker after she became elderly and very ill, and I was very down about it, but my hubby encouraged me to move forward and bring k-9 joy back into our lives. It was the best thing, but we fell in love twice at the breeders, & now we have 2 adorable blond cockers to bring us love and laughter. They are the best! Double the love and fun and all! I am very happy to see that you have a new little girl to love

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