Your Own Tail of Love

Tell Glenn The Story Of How Your Dog Changed Your Life

Katie and the Goose

I never dreamed that having a dog would so completely change my life and the lives of all those around me—but that’s exactly what happened. Katie became the center of our world—“the child,” as we nicknamed her, who ruled our long hallway, herding us all together, pushing open doors with her paws and turning us into a real family.

To us, Katie was more human than canine—like a baby that never grew up. As you’ll see from reading the book, she was the catalyst for countless adventures, happy times and sad ones, creating a tail of love that none of us will ever forget.

Every dog is a family member and part of a community, whether in the city or the country, in a house or a high-rise—and I’d love to know about yours.

So please share with me your tail of love–the story of how your dog changed your life. What happened? How did it all begin? And don’t forget to include the quirky habits, traits, and talents that makes your dog entirely unique.

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