Katie’s Photos

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Katie snoozing on my desk chair at the New York Daily News. Katie on her favorite chintz lounge chair in the living room, dressed up in red silk for a photo shoot for family circle magazine. As pretty as a Modigliani
Smiling. The day our world stopped. The chapters in the book about 9/11 are graphic and tell the story of what happened that horrendous day. We escaped on a police boat to the coast of New Jersey. Read more about it in "The Day Our World Stopped" An aerial view of our idyllic waterside neighborhood.
Walter the horse. Katie loved kissing him on the nose. I'd hold her up to do it. A winter wonderland at home. Katie on the first day she arrived home as a puppy, in her kennel with her favorite toys she brought from the farm.
Home base: Katie in the hallway. This would become her territory, that 120 foot space that she used, trotting from one apartment to the other, pushing open doors with her paws, herding us all together. Pearl was Ryan's daily babysitter, here he is with "Puppy" his favorite stuffed animal, which Katie soon replaced. Ryan all dressed up for Katie's 5th birthday party.
Ryan and Katie took naps together daily, and adored each other.
Photos 46 - 60 out of 116 | Back to Albums