Miss Destructive: Puppy On A Rampage

I don’t know about your puppy, but my 16-month-old terror, Lucy, has been on a binge of destruction, galloping like a wild Indian through my apartment, set upon chewing up anything she can get.

Yes, she has plenty of dog toys–an elk bone, a Nylabone, stuffed animals, kongs, rubber balls, torn socks–but why bother with those when she can eat Chinese grasscloth off the wall? Or my new sneakers? Or most recently, C A S H. Yes, I was in the bathtub reading a magazine and I heard Lucy contentedly chewing on something–which turned out to be my WALLET. Not only did she eat through the leather with gusto, but she also took $200 and efficiently tore the money in half with her nice white teeth.  By the time I got out of the tub, and almost broke my back slipping on the marble floor, she had my American Express card in her mouth, knawing on that as well.

She could be a custodian–as she also relishes going through the bathroom and kitchen waste baskets, excavating for watermelon rinds or used paper toweling. And when she can can work it into her schedule, a long doggie list of don’ts, she also has enjoyed eating through the silk backing of pillows. And in the evening, nothing makes her happier than finding Bazooka chewing gum. I recently found four pieces in her mouth, and she managed to blow a few bubbles.

Do you think she needs puppy Ritalin or Valium?

Mind you, while “her” room is untouched by chewing and totally intact with no damage done–her very own silk pillows still in pristine condition without a saliva stain on them–she doesn’t feel a bit of guilt about tearing into my space.

Today, she’s in “time out” in her room, stretched out on the beige couch, enjoying the air-conditioining, and watching the Food Channel, too hot to destroy anything else for the moment, but she will. The terrible twos really are pretty bad, but I’m hopeful that with proper

training, and lots of NO’s–she’ll understand that hers is a dog’s life, rather than my own.

All worn out and taking a nap after a rampage

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  1. Sabrina S. says:

    What a (cute) little “terror” you have, Glenn! I certainly hope you could salvage the cash and that it was still usable. Have you thought of enrolling her in a puppy obedience class or something? 😉

  2. Yes! Lucy has had many training sessions, but I guess she needs more!

  3. Beverley Simpson says:

    She is such a cutie. My Caty is mad at me for not wanting to go out in this heat and is taking a nap. Thank goodness, at four, no rampages although she will get tissues out of the trashcan if I leave her alone too long (in her mind!)

  4. Betty says:

    Wow she sounds like a handfull. It sounds like you might need Cesar Millan THE DOG WHISPERER or BETTER YET the help of Victoria STILWELL she is fantastic. Ilove her show I have learned a number of things myself , since I have a cockerspaniel who is 13 and a shih tzu who is now 1 yr old .Goodluck with your beautiful cockerspaniel sometimes some dogs dont like to be left alone all day and behave very mischivies .

  5. You can look into those eyes and see her spirit!! What a sweetie!

  6. Joe Tempesta says:

    Hey Glenn, I’m a groomer and I see this all the time. They usually start slowing down when they reach two years old. (but she is so darn cute!) Hang in there buddy!

  7. SirPoochala says:

    Glenn –

    Seriously – she is going to do whatever she wants because you let her! What training class have you taken WITH her? Do you limit her freedom when she acts poorly? That doesn’t mean her own room on a couch – that means a crate or a pen. You can’t use the excuse that she is going through separation anxiety since you are with her most of the time, right? I recommend Stacy Alldredge http://www.whoswalkingwhodogtraining.com/whopage.shtml

    For what it’s worth – Poochie was a fiend about the garbage – the dirtier the tissue the better (ew) so I finally had to limit his freedom when I wasn’t home. It’s been that way for over a year now and this past weekend I went out for about an hour and since my friend and her dog were at my house I didn’t put Poochie in his pen. Guess what I found later that day when I used my bathroom? The garbage pail was gone through…..Wonder who did that?

    Have you tried bitter apple? Of course, it can get exhausting spraying that on every one of your bills!!!

    Good luck. Try Stacy.



  8. Nancy says:

    Lucy sounds like my TJ when he was a pup. Into everything. And people would get so mad at me because I would laugh him off. Yes, he chewed up an expensive pair of slippers. Sure I got mad for a little while. I learned to put things up out of reach. But he and I would play together and had so much fun. He is now grown and has settled down is a good watch with a different bark for friends. I loved the Katie book. Katie and Lucy have such personalities. Like my TJ but I’m not a writer to describe his antics.

  9. glendaaparis says:

    Glenn, I loved Katie too. Thank you for sharing her with us.

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