Borders Book Signing for KATIE–Welcoming Westminster Fans & Puppy Lucy on Valentine’s Day

Posted February 11th, 2011 in Friendship by Glenn Plaskin

Puppy Lucy, now 10 months old

For all you dog lovers and puppy aficionados, please stop by Borders Penn Plaza this coming Monday evening, from 5-7 pm, to meet my mischievous cocker spaniel LUCY–who promises to put her paw print on each signed copy of KATIE UP AND DOWN THE HALL.

It seems fitting to have our final signing for the hardcover edition of KATIE on Valentine’s Day, as the book is really a love story–about what can happen when you open your door to strangers.

Katie, the heroine of our book, perspicaciously unites a group  unforgettable characters –charismatic octogenarians Pearl and Arthur, an adorable three-year-old named Ryan, and his Dad John. Over a period of sixteen years, the reader follows our many adventures, including Hollywood high times (Katie meeting her namesake Katharine Hepburn) and the perils of 9/11. Just watch the book trailer and see.

Lucy Meets Judge Judy

We’ll be signing at Manhattan’s Penn Plaza Borders, right next to Madison Square Garden, the site of the Westminster Dog Show, and many of the fans, breeders, and dog handlers will be stopping by after a long day of competition.

Included with your book will be chocolate for V. Day (a chocolate dog bone), a stuffed cocker spaniel puppy (so bring your kids), and a special Katie Up And Down The Hall book mark.

Lucy meets Calvin Klein--host of the KATIE UP AND DOWN THE HALL launch party

So whether you favor Basset hounds, poodles, beagles or pugs, (or my favorite, cocker spaniels), among dozens of other breeds at Westminster 2011, stop by the show and afterward, come see us!

Lucy in green ribbons

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