A Limitless Sky: Writing A Book Of Your Own

Posted October 14th, 2011 in Barnes & Noble, Bookreading, Ghostwriting, Writing Your Book by Glenn Plaskin

Since my last book, KATIE, was published, I received so many E-mails and letters from people sharing their thoughts about every subject under the sky relating to the book they would most like to write.

At book signings at B&N and Borders, I was intrigued by the number of people who showed up to talk to me about their book ideas, so many of them truly original.

I really believe that everyone has a book inside them, just waiting to be written. It might be a memoir, a motivational guide, a family history, or a book about someone’s hobby or life work. And so often, people tell me they feel passionately about a subject that should become a book. But how?

I always believe that once you’ve figured out how to do it, or work with someone who can make the book come to life, the result is a lasting legacy –and it can become a reality, with no time wasted.

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Over the years, I’ve constructed a system for writing a book in five months or less, from beginning to end, adding in a few extra weeks for a book proposal–and then you’re ready to meet an agent and get that book published. It’s a limitless sky.

So if you have a great book idea, don’t procrastinate about it. I think the best stories come from real life, driven by true heart and passion. Here’s a few ideas about how to make your book become a reality:

1.Begin with a compelling hook or concept
2.Include an Introduction that seduces the reader
3.Capture a unique writing voice
4.Be concise
5.Create a sequence of short chapters that keep the reader’s attention
6.Use vivid imagery to paint a picture, language that’s punchy and descriptive
7.Keep the action moving, one chapter building to the next
8.Be specific and non-repetitive
9.Delete the sections readers skip
10.Create a climax, the book’s message carrying you to the end
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