A Limitless Sky: Writing A Book Of Your Own

Posted October 14th, 2011 in Barnes & Noble, Bookreading, Ghostwriting, Writing Your Book by Glenn Plaskin

Since my last book, KATIE, was published, I received so many E-mails and letters from people sharing their thoughts about every subject under the sky relating to the book they would most like to write.

At book signings at B&N and Borders, I was intrigued by the number of people who showed up to talk to me about their book ideas, so many of them truly original.

I really believe that everyone has a book inside them, just waiting to be written. It might be a memoir, a motivational guide, a family history, or a book about someone’s hobby or life work. And so often, people tell me they feel passionately about a subject that should become a book. But how?

I always believe that once you’ve figured out how to do it, or work with someone who can make the book come to life, the result is a lasting legacy –and it can become a reality, with no time wasted.

Dog-loving Judge Judy Stops By

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Over the years, I’ve constructed a system for writing a book in five months or less, from beginning to end, adding in a few extra weeks for a book proposal–and then you’re ready to meet an agent and get that book published. It’s a limitless sky.

So if you have a great book idea, don’t procrastinate about it. I think the best stories come from real life, driven by true heart and passion. Here’s a few ideas about how to make your book become a reality:

1.Begin with a compelling hook or concept
2.Include an Introduction that seduces the reader
3.Capture a unique writing voice
4.Be concise
5.Create a sequence of short chapters that keep the reader’s attention
6.Use vivid imagery to paint a picture, language that’s punchy and descriptive
7.Keep the action moving, one chapter building to the next
8.Be specific and non-repetitive
9.Delete the sections readers skip
10.Create a climax, the book’s message carrying you to the end
To learn more, please feel free to visit my web site:  http://www.ghostwriteyourbook.net/

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Barnes & Noble Introduces KATIE (with a “live” canine bonus on the table!)

Posted September 7th, 2010 in Barnes & Noble, Bookreading, Friendship by Glenn Plaskin

Today, when my new puppy Lucy and I visited Barnes & NobleTribeca–the site of my upcoming bookreading–I was so delighted to see KATIE UP AND DOWN THE HALL on the main new arrivals table.

Lucy was equally excited–so much so that she jumped up onto the table for a closer look at her worthy predecessor.

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