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This is a powerfully compelling story that will capture your heart, about the true meaning of family and the eternal nature of love. Glenn’s use of language reveals the soul of a poet.

- Anthony Robbins
Entrepreneur, Author and Peak Performance Strategist

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Katie Up And Down The Hall is an absolute delight, a lovely  book, and, of course, I fell in love with that beautiful little blond girl. She is a keeper.

- Betty White

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Katie the cocker spaniel and her human family teach that loving isn’t
about the bonds of biology, loving is about embracing and caring for
each other. Glenn Plaskin’s book will touch the heart of anyone who has
ever loved a dog.

- Judge Judy Sheindlin

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Glenn’s book is a perfect reflection of the man who wrote it — engaging, open-hearted and very warm. His story proves that the true and small pleasures in life — friendship, loyalty and trust — are the ones that matter most.

- Calvin Klein

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Katie types, she models, she uses a remote, she changes the lives of everyone around her — and she’s got a great wardrobe!  What dog (other than my own, of course) can do all that?  Well Katie can — and it’s a fabulous, heartfelt book.

- Joan Rivers

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Katie is a dream come true to the various families living on her floor
in a New York apartment.  Her heart is so big that she adopts them all,
making you wish you were one of them.

- Mary Tyler Moore

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God can appear in many disguises — even as a dog — bringing people together in a spirit of love. All I can say is that I felt ‘really good’ after reading Glenn‘s superb book — there can be no higher endorsement.

- Wayne Dyer

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It is not surprising that Glenn Plaskin‘s innate talents — his insight
and human touch — are wonderfully brought to the forefront in his new
book Katie: Up and Down the Hall. It’s a significant story well worth
reading — Glenn has done a terrific job.

- Donald J. Trump

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As a passionate dog lover, I adore my three Jack Russell Terriers, JJ, Cha Cha, and Dolomite—but I have to say Katie touched so many people and what great friends she made in her life. I wish my dogs could have known her!

- Mariah Carey

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I hate to brag on Glenn Plaskin because he is a famous fan of yours truly. But I have no choice! His book on Katie just zeros in to touch your heart. I am a dog lover myself and something of a dachshund specialist but now, I’m thinking, if I had a cocker spaniel, maybe I’d get one like Katie. Don’t miss this book!

- Liz Smith

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Katie is an absolutely delightful story, so much more than a memoir. It is a wise and moving story of love found—and shared on life’s journey—and then the inevitable separation. Reading it you will smile even as your eyes sparkle with tears.

- Mary Higgins Clark

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I’m no stranger to a suspenseful plot line—and I can tell you that Katie is an emotion-packed story that will keep you reading to the very end. This is no ordinary dog.

- Michael Imperioli

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Katie Up and Down The Hall runs up and down your heart on four little darling, padded-golden feet. This story is for dog lovers, New Yorkers, for those who have a family, and those who wish to. A celebration of love—it’s for everyone.

- Valerie Harper

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The healing energy of Katie the dog and pure love and friendship in this book will melt your heart.

- Bernadette Peters

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Glenn has done a masterful job in telling this love story.  I raced through it when I was traveling, and got teary eyed. Katie is a great neighbor and the true definition of a New Yorker — intelligent, adventurous, assertive, protective, warm, loving, kind, generous — and a joy to know.

- Ivana Trump

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I picked up this book to glance through it and suddenly found myself unable to put it down. This warm, touching, tender and loving memoir is probably the best book I’ve ever read about a dog. Glenn pulls you into this moving story instantly. Even people who are not crazy about dogs will love this tale.

- Barbara Taylor Bradford

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It’s been said that the family you come from isn’t as important as the
family you’re going to have — and Plaskin’s heartwarming story brings
that truth to life. Plaskin and Katie leave you with a roadmap for life.

- Irene Pepperberg
Author Of “Alex & Me,” Professor of Animal Cognition at Harvard and Brandeis Universities

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Katie was a joy to read from start to finish. Plaskin brings to life his many adventures with this mischievous and loveable dog, and the family that she helped bring together. All dog lovers should put this one on their must-read list!

- Billy Rafferty
Author of "Happy Dog: Caring for Your Dog's Body, Mind and Spirit"

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Leave it to a cocker spaniel to enrich an entire building’s life. In his memoir, Glenn Plaskin perfectly captures the magic of dogs, their ability to not only make our lives so much richer but to make us such fuller, happier humans. Plaskin’s charming memoir explains why we owe dogs a big thank you.

- Amy Sutherland
Author of "Kicked, Bitten and Scratched", and "What Shamu Taught Me about Life, Love and Marriage"