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Sex or Text? Ask Lucille!

Posted August 27th, 2015 in Friendship by Glenn Plaskin

Lucille Header RevisedDear Lucille, My husband is obsessed with his cell phone. He’s so addicted to it that he checks his messages even while we’re having sex!–propping his phone up on a pillow next to us. We had a huge blowout about it. It’s beyond rude–but he says he has to stay ‘on top’ of things. I’ve had enough Lucille. What can I do? Heather, Bottomed Out In Cleveland

Dear Heather,


Some dogs likes phones not bones

Wow, your husband won’t let go of his bone! It’s his favorite toy.

When my Dad is texting, first I just stare at him with my tongue hanging out. Take a look:  IMG_4329cd9c10175d2fd0abe14b1a059a28e97d

Then I run and get a sock for a game of tug of war. Or I just sit still and look pretty until he notices. And if he still ignores me, I start barking and never stop until he pays attention.Maybe you should try it.

Cell phones are the pits—for dogs too. Last night, when I was out taking a walk, somebody (staring down at their phone) stepped on my paw. Ouch!

smartphone-addiction-obsessionMy Dad says: Compulsive texters are virtual sleepwalkers. They move in a trance, consumed by that little box. It’s an addiction that gobbles up 8-10 hours a day.

Heather, you have it bad in bed, but out there in the park, it isn’t so great either. images8Phone junkies don’t see or hear anything happening around them. They’re not actually IN the park–they’re just AT the park, never ‘in the moment’ like we dogs are. Why not? Because they find the sunshine, plants, flowers, dogs like me–and all the people around them much less interesting than Facebook, Twitter, E-mails, and Amazon.

Sept142013-hippodance2Even if their own dog (or daughter) is dancing, they just ignore or, or miss it! And when people text and drive, or talk and drive, it’s even worse, with their heads are up their you know whats.  Accidents happen.

My nose is always to the ground, my eyes and ears  on alert.  Dogs don’t need phones—and people don’t need ’em as much they think they do.

I text by barking, howling, whimpering, by the look in my eyes, and with my tail.LucyYawn

Want to communicate with a person? Just lie on top of them! That’s what I do. Or I roll over on my back and stretch.  LucyBackwards copy

But texters walk right into you, and if they’re unlucky, maybe into a bus or a car.


No phones here!

In your case, Heather, enough is enough. If your  husband  won’t put that phone away, even when you’re rubbing his tummy, then you have to teach him a lesson:

Bite on his bone! Take away his water.Forget his laundry.Mix up his socks. Lose a golf club.Hide his phone charger.

And if nothing else works, kick him to the curb. Either he loses his phone or he loses you. 

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My literary agent, Jan Miller, is a passionate lover of beagles, and her adorable dog Schumacher just celebrated his birthday with a delicious cookie treat–which made my dog, Lucy, quite jealous. Look at those soulful eyes!






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