Katie’s Photos

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Katie was so spectacularly beautiful, as here, lounging on an ottoman in our living room. This picture captures the essence of Katie's take charge attitude, as a "Canine Cop" of our floor, one of my favorite chapters. This was the classic portrait of our little family taken in my living room, at a photo shoot for Family Circle magazine.
Katie at work. She noticed me typing one day, jumped up on my chair and started tapping her paws on the keyboard and noticing how the letters showed up on the monitor. After that, she regularly typed and I arranged the font size so it was 36, so she could clearly see what she was doing. I wish she could have done all my writing for me! At Pearl's dining room table, the day of the Family Circle shoot.
A picture of me just taken, by the wonderful photographer Sheila Williams.
All dressed up for a birthday party. An aerial view of home sweet home, our building on the right. Pearl was Ryan's grandmother, she really was, and the bond between them was something to see.
Valentine's day on Pearl's 90th birthday. The first picture taken of me and Katie, the day she arrived as  bow-legged puppy from New Jersey, the runt daughter of "Sweet Sue." Katie at work.
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