How About A New Holiday called “SISTER’S DAY?!”

Posted April 27th, 2010 in Family, Friendship, Reflections by Glenn Plaskin
My Sister Debby

My Sister Debby

Although I frequently write about my famous interview subjects and celebrity friends, I never mention the one star in my life who shines greater than any other—someone I speak to virtually every day, a person of impeccable values who I trust and can count on no matter what.

She’s a best friend, advisor, and confidante all rolled into one. You won’t find a better listener, someone who has mastered the art of shining the spotlight on others.

She’s my sister—Debby, and there ought to be a holiday invented for sisters (and brothers). She’s especially on my mind as she’s visiting here today in Battery Park City, taking a break from her quieter life in upstate New York.

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