Don’t Miss OK Go’s Brilliant Video With Dancing Dogs

Posted September 30th, 2010 in Friendship by Glenn Plaskin

You will be mesmerized, as I was, by the riveting choreography in OK Go’s latest video, featuring great music and dogs that dance, prance, jump, and jiggle up and down and around–balancing themselves on moving ledges, shelves, chairs, you name it, as the brilliant band goes through their moves.

It’s funny and fun, and once you start watching it, you can’t stop. Five million people agree, having seen this winner on YouTube.

And the best part about the video is that OK Go is using it as a platform to help needy animals.

“Most of the dogs in the White Knuckles video are rescues,” reads a statement on the band’s website. “They’re the lucky ones — they have loving families. Unfortunately, there are countless animals out there who do not.”

When fans download the video through OKGo.net, net proceeds from the download price (which starts at $2 for the standard-definition version and $5 for the high-definition version) will be donated to the ASPCA. Donations are earmarked for rural animal shelters, according to the band.

In the back of my new book, KATIE UP AND DOWN THE HALL, I list my favorite animal and dog-related charities, and the ASPCA is front and center.

So please support this organization and do it by having some fun–just download this dog-dance, dance with your own dog, and help the dogs of the world.

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