A Great Novelist And A Passionate Dog Lover: Barbara Taylor Bradford

Posted April 27th, 2010 in Celebrity, Katie, Reflections by Glenn Plaskin

For any writer, one of the most enjoyable parts of creating a book—is FINISHING one! No doubt about that. Then, once the book is done, it’s time to hope that people who read the manuscript in advance will actually like it—giving it a literary thumb’s up, which is certainly the best feeling in the world.

Barbara Taylor Bradford

Barbara Taylor Bradford

Anyone who has written a book knows, of course, that completing a book is just the start of the work, as mapping out the marketing and advertising campaign is essential to any book’s ultimate success. And one of the necessities of book promotion is procuring advance testimonials from prominent people with the idea that their quotes appear on the back of the book, enticing readers to take a second look and buy it.

With this goal in mind, for the last two months, I’ve been collecting such quotes and have been very lucky that celebrities I’ve interviewed in the past have kindly offered to read Katie Up and Down the Hall and provide their viewpoint on it.

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